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This helps the midto high handicap golfer gain better distance on mishits. A driver with more loft carries the ball farther, but it rolls less after it lands. Most seniors could increase the amount of distance they achieve with a driver if they. Best golf drivers for golfers over 50 and senior golfers. Optimize driver loft for more distance dlance golfd.

These players have the ability to generate the kinds of swing speeds that will launch the ball at an optimal height to maximize distance. The added loft of your 3 wood is actually more optimal for your swing speed and therefore lets you hit the 3 wood the same distance as the driver. Everyone who plays golf knows that the driver hits the ball the farthest of any club. How to increase your driver distance free online golf tips. We all want to increase our distance with the driver. The majority of drivers on the market today range between a 4degree and 20degree loft. High loft driver clubs, grips, shafts, fitting the sand. This angle provides the golfer with distance, with a little more loft than a driver. Included are the club name, the loft angle, the lie angle, and the typical distance that can be achieved by the average golfer. An extensive array of lofts is offered in drivers to deliver the ideal launch angle. For example, most golfers assume that getting a lower loft on their driver will increase distance.

If you have a golfer with a very high clubhead speed i. Automatically that makes it harder to hit in the air and keep straight. In the previous segment of this blog, we discussed hitting the ball on the sweet spot in order to optimize your smash factor or efficiency. This above strike location low and on the heel is very common, and will produce the distance killing. Your slices and hooks will be even worse with a lower lofted 8 to 10 degree driver while more loft 10. Golf balls and the center of gravity on drivers have changed so much since 2003 that playing a higher loft isnt needed anymore to create the ideal distance recipe of high launch and low spin. The 3 best golf drivers for seniors with slow swing speeds. Loft is key for high handicappers drivers so make sure it has plenty or you can adjust the loft as well. Todays pros and other stronger players use drivers with lofts of 9. There is a good chance that you are reading this post because you are looking at ways to increase driver distance which leads you to wanting to know what is the best loft for a driver having an advantage of distance from the tee is a huge benefit especially when combined with accuracy. Choose a loft to try based on your assessed clubhead speed.

Best golf drivers for mid handicappers 2020 golf sidekick. To add more spin loft, simply use a higherlofted club. The simple way to determine how high to tee your driver shots. Youll notice the shape of a driver is straight up and down which mean it has almost no loft at all. The 12 degree driver is certainly not the most common loft to use for a driver. In general, this will be a spot that is slightly towards the toe and just above the center of the clubface. Every club has unique characteristics, most notably where the center of gravity is. New and cheap drivers from top brands like callaway, taylormade, and wilson, to name a few. The best driver specifications for golfers over 50. Most drivers will allow considerable setting adjustments for improved performance and distance. One of the biggest trends seniors fall into is selecting a driver with a lower loft, the theory being the lower the loft the more distance can be achieved. An easy analogy is the difference between a 3 iron and a 9 iron. In fact, there are quite a few factors that go into determing the correct driver loft for your individual game. The 3 iron 24 loft is difficult to control while a 9 iron 44 loft is very easy to hit high and straight due to higher loft.

With most other clubs, were concerned about distance control, while with the driver we usually just want to get as much distance as we can. The best driver loft for beginners is dependent on the average swing speed but typically in this range i would recommend a beginner golfer purchasing a driver that is between 1214 degrees in loft. The greater loft is an advantage as it makes it easy to hit the ball. So makes me think i should try higher loft in driver.

Jul 05, 2016 golf digest ran a test a couple years ago with players at high swing speeds over 105 miles per hour and slower swing speeds 95 m. There is a concept known as gear effect, which makes your impact point on the driver face very important. Many experts believe that carry is the most important because carry gives you the most distance in wet weather. The complete guide to maximizing driver distance practical golf.

Best driver for 85 mph swing speed get in the hole. A heel hit is a killer for distance, as it dramatically lowers smash factor and increases spin rate through the roof. The real point of contention in the driver loft debate comes down to whether you get more distance from carry or roll. In general, the longer a golfer can keep the ball in the air, the more distance they will get from a drive. For example, your driver might be 10 degrees somewhere around the middle but the bottom of the club might have a loft of 7.

Its a frequently asked question and one that will vary from person to person and depend on a number of factors that could get very technical and indepth. When a golf ball is launched from a club, it follows a trajectory dictated by its speed, launch angle and spin rate. Loft is just one part of the distance equation, and everyones equation is different. At the same time, balls dont tend to roll as far when theyre hit with a high trajectory. However, i also hit up on the ball 510 degrees, allowing that high launch, lowspin combo and maxing out distance. A 7 wood club has 22 degrees loft which is 8 degrees more loft than a 5wood golf club. The high loft also helps in hitting off the shot easily, even on high grass.

Aug 29, 2018 this is the perfect driver for many golfers because it is easy to hit with, improves accuracy and distance and provides high trajectory without the backspin, dick johnson, a pga pro who provides instruction at three courses in wisconsin, said after testing a degree big dick. If it is between 105 and 115 mph, a loft between 7 and 9 degrees should be considered. Aug 07, 2019 match your driver loft to your swing speed. The loft on your driver is a key factor that helps determine the success of your tee shots on longer holes. In addition, if you are a golfer over 50, you need to look at more than the brand to get a driver that will maximize your distance. While this is true for all clubs, the discussion properly centers around the driver. Carry distance varies by a large degree by where you golfie. Loft is a measurement used that refers to the amount of angle a club is designed to have. There are several loft options making it one of the best drivers out there. I would always advise you to correct any issues in your swing before going out and buying a driver in the extra high loft range. Golfers that have a slow club head speed under 100 mph, may benefit using a driver in the 12 to loft range.

Second, you need to find a combination of loft and face angle that helps you produce playable, consistent shots. Less loft is less forgiving which is evidenced by how much easier it is to hit a 9 iron than a 3 iron. However, what is good for one players swing may not work for another. Loft is the amount that the face of the club slopes back. Senior golfers need more loft than that to attain the optimal launch height for their slower swing speed. Optimize driver loft for more distance true fit clubs.

The most popular range for driver loft is between 9 and 11 degrees. Thus, it is a common misconception that a low loft driver is the proper club for a high handicap golfer to play with in order to achieve maximum distance from the tee. It is very important to note the above chart offers the optimum driver loft for maximum carry distance. Optimize driver loft for more distance dlance golf. Looking at fowlers swing at impact on gears compared to a typical amateur with a significant slice and lack of distance, notice the differences between each players spin loft numbers. Mar 01, 2018 find out if you could be losing distance on the golf course from using the wrong loft in your driver. Woods, ranging from a 2wood to a 5wood are also used for distance, but their loft angle is slightly greater than a driver. Many professional players have added additional distance off the tee by choosing a driver with slightly more loft. The market is flooded with drivers that range between 420 degree lofts with the most common lofts ranging between 9 and 11 degrees. The drivers are bigger up to 460 ccsand often have more loft and the modern balls often spin less. What is the correct driver loft for the average senior golfer video by dean butler i get asked quite a lot about the loft of a driver, whats correct for the senior golfer. What is the correct driver loft for the average senior golfer. All else being equal, the more lofted your driver, the higher and straighter your shots will fly. If conditions are hard and fast, the lowertrajectory driver.

The combination of the driver head and shaft is crucial. Aug, 2014 first, less loft does not mean more distance whether thats in a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, or iron. For many of you that might actually decrease your distance. Your angle of attack greatly affects your driver loft. Let us help you find the best driver for beginners.

First, less loft does not mean more distance whether thats in a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, or iron. Opting for more loft is generally smarter than using a lowlofted driver and counting on roll for distance. The purpose of this article is to get you to start believing it. In fact, swings often got the most distance with driver lofts at 9 degrees. Dec 16, 20 in truth, loft is one of the most misunderstood aspects of selecting a new driver. Dec 21, 2016 by teeing the ball down lower, you can use less of the effective loft on the face of your driver, resulting in a low shot that avoids some of the breeze as it flies down the fairway. Find out if you could be losing distance on the golf course from using the wrong loft in your driver.

Many in the golf industry estimate that with irons, the ratio is as high 20. A driver with a loft of fewer than 10 degrees will result in lower shots, while greater than 10 degrees of loft. Jan 07, 2020 best golf drivers for distance and accuracy in 2020. The higher loft, low spin drivers are for people with lower swing speed. Hit big drives with higher lofted drivers simple golf.

If it is between 95 and 104 mph, a 10 or 11degree loft will be appropriate. The best driver loft for beginners would be between 1214 degrees due to slower swing speeds. How to determine which loft you should get on your driver. Dec 11, 2018 the loft on your driver is a key factor that helps determine the success of your tee shots on longer holes. Mar 30, 2020 what is the best degree driver for distance. In this article and video, well examine how you can increase your driver distance in a very real and measurable way on the golf course. How does different driver lofts change ball flight 7. Driver lofts have increased significantly in recent years. What is the correct driver loft for the average senior. The summary chart below compares the characteristics of a typical set of 14 golf clubs. Loft one of the most important aspects of selecting the correct driver is picking the best loft.

Sep 03, 2017 with the golf ball being teed up so high with a driver, the most common strike pattern is a heel hit due in part to something called diagonal strike effect which i explain in the strike plan. In order to take advantage of lower lofts under 10 degrees for example, you need to have a relatively high swing speed. The adjustable loft of the f8 is an improvement compared to the glued hosel of the srixon z585. Beginners are advised to hit it high and into the winds directions to allow the ball to be hit accurately and further. Rule of thumb is for every degree of change from level, add or subtract one degree of loft. My average 3 wood is out driving my driver distance. Drivers are designed to maximize the balls carry distance, so a drivers loft angle ranges from 8 to degrees, depending on the specific brand or model of driver. Our guide to maximizing driver distance goes over every single way you can. The loft of your driver will govern your launch angle and companies have made it a priority to make this as accommodating as possible. You are going to give up some distance when teeing the ball lower, but the control that you gain will be more than worth it on a blustery day. Golfers with clubhead speeds below 85 mph should use a loft angle between. The key to driving farther with the modern drivers and golf balls is a high launch combined with a low spin rate.

The loft of an iron has a much greater effect on the distance your ball will carry than does the length of the club swing speed. They hit low, flat drives that rely on roll to achieve the overall distance they desire. The cobra connect app is the winning point of the cobra king that pushes it as one of the smart drivers in the mid and high handicap market. Jan 08, 2020 golf balls and the center of gravity on drivers have changed so much since 2003 that playing a higher loft isnt needed anymore to create the ideal distance recipe of high launch and low spin. While the majority of golfers dont have enough loft on their driver and would benefit from more, for the others and those using differently designed driver heads, more loft can in fact lose them distance.

When it comes to the middle of the pack, 11, 12 and as much as degrees of loft is what youll find for sale. On the other hand watching the pros, they all have the drives climbing up very high. Nov 16, 2018 since many low handicap golfers generate swing speeds upwards of 100 miles per hour, they use low loft driver clubs to achieve long driving distances. In general, the slower the swing or club speed, the higher the loft of the driver to optimize both carry and roll. Fairway woods can range from a 2wood through a 9wood, with the loft increasing with. Anyone have experience getting longer with high loft driver. You may have heard that with a driver you want to launch the ball high and spin it low. And its basically you cant just say thats the loft that you should be actually. If conditions are hard and fast, the lowertrajectory driver might. An appropriate loft choice will maximize your distance.

These clubs generally feature low degrees of loft and are meant for optimal distance either off the tee or from the fairway. Select a driver that gives you as high a trajectory as you can get without sacrificing accuracy and find a ball that gives you the best feel and distance with your driver. An exception to this rule is when golfers hit the ball low on the face with above average club head speed, as the added loft will cause the ball to spin too much and the ball flight will be too high. Tour experience golf custom golf fitting studio toronto, canada. When this happens, the dynamic loft of the driver is too low for their ball speed, so they need to add loft so they can maximize their carry distance. But as stated, it depends on the golfer and the golf ball. Golf driver loft distance, degrees, and best club selection. The benefits of high lofted drivers golfindustryonline.

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