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Unfortunately, i didnt save presets for the gdec 3 amp, sorry, havent. Aug 17, 2011 that means, to get the most out of the band tracks, you either have to download the fender fuse software free but cumbersome or download a tiny little wav player called looper that will seamlessly loop wav files. Fender introduces special edition gdec 3 thirty blues. This booksd card series lets you play your favorite songs just like the artists who recorded them by plugging into your fender g dec 3 and playing along with the soundalike recordings. This is a faster way to audition tracks than using the band file menu to find a song because quick access mode allows you to search for tracks in alphabetical order as well as sort tracks by location and file type. As simple to learn as a new video game, the g dec has lots to offer for brandnewbies, guitathletes, and songwritertypes alike. As with all g dec 3 models, computer hookup with free fender fuse software lets you customconfigure your amp. This special edition book includes an sd memory card perfect for fender g dec 3 users. So i am going to open it up and see which part or parts need replaceing. You supply the music we give you the features, flexibility, and stability to play your tracks in any live or rehearsal situation, right from your iphone or ipad.

The g dec 3s wealth of backing tracks consists not of generic presets and loops, but rather a stylistically diverse sonic smorgasbord of tracks created specially for fender by top rock, blues, metal, and country artists and session players. Have fun learning traditional songs in english, french, spanish and german. All apologiescome as you aredumbheart shaped boxin bloomlithiumrape mesmells like teen spirit features includes a songbook and sd card with all backing tracks and g dec 3 tone presets to sound just like the originals. Does anyone have any knowledge or recommendations for a small amp with backing tracks. Follow the tabs in the books, listen to the tracks on the included sd card to hear how the guitar should sound, and play along through your g dec 3 using the sd card backing tracks. Fender g dec 3 30 combo amplifier i have listed this as collection only, but if anyone wants to arrange their own courier pick up and delivery at their own risk cost i do have a box that can be used. Whether you need to speak to consumer relations or simply want to drop us a line, this is your source. Ive played through a friends mustang i a few times since then. Having the backing track just play and repeat endlessly for as long as i desired was a lot of fun. All of the tracks have been professionally recorded with the exclusion of the lead vocals and lead guitar. I say might, because its likely that your file didnt download or downloaded a 6kb useless. Learning to play guitar can be hard, but the fender g dec guitar digital entertainment center makes it easy and fun.

Do here and download a few to your phone, plug it in to the amp, and play till your fingers bleed. Support for fender instruments, amplifiers, audio, and accessories. Theyve added some additional capabilities including some new tones and better midi features, but its more of an incremental improvement rather than a complete make over. Similarly, backing tracks can be pitchshifted in halfsteps, and sped up or slowed downall with a noticeable drop in audio quality, however. Find out how to get your instrument serviced or repaired at an authorized service center in the us or canada. Configure by mixing and matching your presets with onboard backing tracks for exciting solo jam sessions in every conceivable musical style. Presets do not contain the actual band track file, only a pointer to the band track file location. Karaoke version also contains thousands of backing tracks, custom backing tracks and karaoke videos. This site is made possible with the support of users who share their self created, royalty free and public domain music files for the benefit of other. Compatible with fender g dec 3 thirty and g dec 3 fifteen amplifiers, or card reader on computer fullfidelity demo and playalong audio tracks. G dec 3 features banks of sounds and backing tracks created in the studio by genuine premier league rock, metal, blues and country stars such as eric johnson, john 5 and brad paisley, along with members of fall out boy, def leppard, anthrax, sepultura and many more. Make sure you download the manual and performance notes for the g dec backing tracks as well. Oh i still use the amp for the tuner and the backing tracks which dont have the distortion coming thru that part of it.

But the g dec line of amps are very versatile amps. Performance since the gdec 3 is one of my main practice amps along with the roland micro cube, its obvious that i think the amp is worthy of your time and money. G dec 3 features banks of sounds and backing tracks created in the studio by genuine premier league rock, metal, blues and country stars such as eric johnson, john 5 and brad paisley, along with members of. The g dec 3 thirty blues is a vintagestyle amp with a classic fender look, blonde vinyl covering, oxblood grille cloth and chrome corners that tastefully evoke the early 1960s.

Fender songs provides musicians of all experience levels an easytouse platform for practicing and playing along to songs by top artists. You also get 100 tone presets to go with these loops. Plays mp3 or wav backing tracks 100 highquality builtin tracks pitch and tempo shifter controls. Freddy fender midi files, midi karaoke mp3 professional backing tracks and lyrics produced by hit trax. Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app.

The fender and hal leonard guitar playalong series will help you. Fender bdec 30 bass digital entertainment center musician. Tasty hard rock guitar backing track jam in b minor youtube. The fender g dec nirvana guitar playalong songbooksd card set includes these nirvana classics. Each book features 8 songs with an sd card that includes tone presets along with highquality backing tracks. Chances are that katana has a full range speaker in there since it is a modeling amp. Fender mustang amps are not capable of being usb audio output devices, if you want to jam along with computer sourced audio backing tracks or youtube videos, you can not do it using only a usb cable to mustang instead must feed stereo audio from your computer headphone output jack into the mustang 3. Various backing tracks on a fender gdec guitar amplifier. Dec 28, 2019 slow sad rock ballad guitar backing track in d minor blues jam track sjt190 duration. Fender gdec acdc playalong with smartcard guitar play along. Just as this years king of the smartphone hill wont look quite so clever in the nottoodistant future, three years on, the first incarnation of fender g dec amplifier g dec sounds a little dated with its midi muzak backing tracks and sometimes overegged sounds that just.

Major cinematic ballad guitar backing track jam in e youtube. The 100 included tone presets, written by pickers like brad paisley, keith urban, james burton and more, are appropriate companions to these tracks, and guitarists will have a good time jamming with them. Feb 20, 2011 the 30watt g dec 3 thirty blues amp sports a 60sstyle vibe to go with its bluesy sounds and onboard backing tracks. Fender offers more tracks, in mp3 and wav format, mono and stereo, through its website, on an included dvdrom and via sd cards offered in conjunction with hal leonard. Fender gdec 30 how to play along with midi backing tracks. The g dec 3 fifteen also includes the exclusive fender fuse software interface, which lets the amp connect to a computer as easily as a digital camera, without need for any special adapters or hardware. The melody and lyrics are also included in the book in case you want to sing, or to simply help you follow along. Another exciting feature of quick access mode is that it turns the g dec. How to jam with midi tracks on a fender gdec, gdec 30 video. Play along to our free jam tracks or download backing tracks for music practice. Fender gdec 3 fifteen 15w 1x8 guitar combo amp musician. The fender seems a little more practical because its very easy to update download other tracks. Then, i can clean out my g dec blues fender backing tracks and install a fresh set of tracks of my choice.

Fender has introduced a beefed up version of the g dec amplifier now with 30 watts of power in a slightly larger cabinet. Free guitar backing track for 12 bar blues progression by jamtracks in mp3 format. Backing tracks for bass free custom backing tracks. If you enjoyed this track, you can download it and all of. A few years ago, i bought one of those fender g dec amps. The backing tracks are matched with an amp and effects so you dont have to spend time tweaking anything. Jam tracks and drum machine fender stratocaster guitar forum. Just turn it on, mov the dial to the backing track you want, push start and you are golden. Achieve the sound and tone youre searching for with fender s redesigned mustang amp and the new fender tone app. Home forums other discussion forums amp input normal or bright fender g dec 30 discussion in amp input normal or bright started by ffgreen, jan 20, 2011. Help me pick the best practice tool fender gdec vs. Chained to the rhythm instrumental karaoke backing track ep. Galway girl instrumental karaoke backing track single. Fender gdec 30 30 watt guitar amp for sale online ebay.

Download showone pro backing tracks and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. Hi hugo, i think the gdec is a handy allinone learning tool for beginners. Many of its dozens of backing tracks were recorded by the worlds finest playersfrom l. Just in case you dont already know the fender gdec 3 thirty amplifier is heres a quick rundown of the main features. Just in case you dont already know the fender g dec 3 thirty amplifier is heres a quick rundown of the main features. The unofficial fender mustang amps and fender fuse software wiki. The fender g dec guitar digital entertainment center is a family of teaching and practice amplifiers, manufactured by fender musical instruments corporation, that all feature amp modelling and effects, drumbass patterns, teaching and performance backing loops, internal synth with midi interface, tuner, phrase sampler. Hal leonard fender gdec nirvana guitar playalong songbook. Annual plan also includes 10% off fender products in the u. If you are the type of person who like tweaking you have a usb interface and the fuse software to make your own presets. Fender gdec 3 fifteen 15 w 1x8 guitar combo amp g dec. Download midi files and backing tracks by hit trax.

Understanding fender gdec 30w 1x10 combo amp possibilities. He got his for a small coffee shop venue his band played last year. Just follow the tab, listen to the tracks to hear how the guitar should sound, and then play along using the separate backing tracks. The fender g dec 30 features variety of effects that helps in personalizing your own music. I had an original fender g dec and i loved the amazing choices of different styles, tempos, key and even the ability to keep the drums going while loweringremoving accompanying bass and keyboard. Gdec 3 thirty 30 watt guitar amp with 10 special design speaker and highfrequency tweeter. The gdec 3 also includes the exclusive fender fuse software interface, which lets the amp connect to a computer as easily as a digital camera, without need for any special adaptors or hardware. Fender fuse lets the user download and upload backing tracks, edit performance parameters, and swap files with a worldwide community of players. Discussion in gear chat started by bygdaddy, dec 1. Create your own arsenal of guitar tones, then experience the g dec 3s fantastic playalong capabilities. Bereits vor jahren sah man am fendermessestand in frankfurt leute vor kleinen. Also included is fenders own fuse software that allows you to connect the amp online to download both fender an user created presets and backing tracks. It sounds like fender s made some significant improvements.

You get to play around with some tolerable for home jamming amp and effect models, and more importantly have a variety of progammable backing tracks to play along with. Another exciting feature of quick access mode is that it turns the g dec 3 softkeys into quick preset keys that allow you. Backing tracks will allow you the experience of performing with a professional band. The amp includes a tuner, metronome, backing tracks, pedal effects, rack effects. Another fantastically great thing is that fender hired real live human musicians and human bands to play the backing tracks with real fender instruments and real fender amps, so you can play along with the band many backing track companies use organs or keyboards or computers or accordions, etc. Fender fuse is the key to creating, connecting and configuring with your gdec 3 by downloading and uploading backing tracks. Payment will be charged to your itunes account once your free 14day trial is complete. Try out fender play free for 14 days with a monthly or annual plan. The gdec 3 fifteen also includes the exclusive fender fuse software interface, which lets the amp connect to a computer as easily as a digital camera, without need for any special adapters or hardware. Fender g dec 30 how to play along with midi backing tracks. May 22, 2009 fender g dec 30 how to play along with midi backing tracks. The best feature is all of the prerecorded tracks with which to jam along. It includes 70 loops called performance presets which provide instrumental accompaniment for many musical styles and teacher loops which help bassists develop and refine basic techniques.

Click, drum kit, bass, rhythm electric guitar, rhythm electric guitar, organ, brass section custom backing track. Fender gdec edition stevie ray vaughan playalong smartcard. I think mine was a g dec 30, and it was a decent practice amp, though my particular one had power issues that were fixed under warranty easily enough, but the whole chassis seemed unsubstantial and would add some unwanted vibrations at higher volumes. Both tools have lots of built in backing tracks which is really what i want as my main goal is to have some backing tracks i can jam along with. Fender gdec 3 thirty 30w 1x10 guitar combo amp musicians. Showone is a pro app for musicians who use backing tracks live. The second generation of g dec s changed from midi based loops to wav file based because wav format supports loop points. Jamtracks 12 bar blues progression free guitar backing track.

The fender bdec 30 bass digital entertainment center is both an entertainment center and a teachingtraining tool for bass players. The title of this book is fender g dec edition stevie ray vaughan playalong smartcardbk fender special editions and it was written by stevie ray vaughan. Hit trax is a music production studio based in melbourne, australia and servicing performers around the world. Includes fender fuse softwareyour key to creating, connecting and configuring your g dec 3. Backing tracks australian artists vol 627 instrumental karaoke backing track backing tracks australian artists, vol. Practice amp with backing tracks telecaster guitar forum. Visit fender songs to browse our decadesspanning catalog of hits from a variety of popular genres. Professional midi backing tracks for singers, musicians, sequenced duostrios and live bands. The amplifier was bought in april 2012 from gear4music and has a 5 year transferable warranty. The fender and hal leonard guitar playalong series will help you learn your favorite songs using your g dec 3 amp.

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