Stc vs kaplan for series 7

I do want to let you know that i did pass the series 7 exam this past friday on my first attempt. How to use solomon exam preps video lectures playback environment for your test prep. I receive a lot of questions about the sie vs series 7 exam. Choose from 500 different sets of series 7 kaplan questions flashcards on quizlet.

These were difficult and not as clear cut as on stc practice exams. How i conquered the series 7 published on january 24. For the series 7 i definitely recommend kaplan s practice exams at the moment. For the time being however, when you buy your sie text, i recommend sticking with stc. Stc kicked it for the series 7, but imo was abysmal for the series 66. You may already know about kaplan test prep through the tutoring. The 6 best sie exam prep courses of 2020 investopedia. Learn 7 stc series securities with free interactive flashcards.

I had 7 weeks to pass or im out of the faa program. Our series 7 courses will prepare you for your exam. I am about to start my trainingstudy pipeline to take the series 7 and 66 tests. Hi i am trying to decide between using kaplan or stc for my lah for axakaplan seems.

If you are studying for the series 7, your employer has likely provided you with. Series 7 is a finra exam required for individuals who may sell a broad range of securities including corporate securities, municipal securities, municipal fund securities, options, direct participation programs, investment company products. Acing series 7 options questions the series 7 exam, also known as the general securities representative exam gsre, is a test all stockbrokers must pass, in order to acquire a. With the securities training corporation stc featuring one of the. Do you recommend passperfect or stc for the series 7 exam. That means if you want to be any kind of general securities representative, broker or. If you are reading this post, you are most likely preparing to sit for the series 7 exam. The practice questions were as hard, or more so, than the actual test. I used stc, pass the 7, and series 7 for dummies kind of just a supplement and i scored a 90% on my first attempt. For texts, stc remains a top choice among my students, however kaplans. I have the current stc book plus the series 7 for dummies which were both given to me as study materials foc. Securities training corporation offers inperson and online securities licensing education and exam prep training. I used kaplan, but found your website and materials a very big help.

Looking for series 7 securities exam prep practice. Series 7 stc scores vs actual one wall street oasis. Anyone want my training consultants or kaplan online training. Sign up for your securities licensing training to advance your career. I have been using stc, studying for five weeks and have taken the practice exams from stc twice, scoring in the high 80s 90s. My experience of working with hundreds of successful clients and many of the top study programs i. Generally there will be a theoretical component as well as. For me, the stakes were very high pass the series 7 exam on the first attempt or lose my new wall street job. This video will walk you through all the major features of our streaming video page. First and foremost, i made this post because i wish it existed when i was studying for the exam. Choose from 500 different sets of 7 stc series securities flashcards on quizlet. Learn series 7 kaplan questions with free interactive flashcards. Kaplan last week i failed my first attempt on the series 7.

My firm provided stc and i had heard so many great things from kaplan, so i purchased theirs too the. How many of you gentlemen had a tough time w the series 7. On the kaplan website they have a testalert which is an update to the 4th edition, in other words making it comparable to the upcoming 5th edition. Overall, kaplan is a large and capable company so i anticipate that their sie curriculum may improve. Taking the series 7 in a couple days originally posted. Stc is great too but you need much higher scores to ensure a passing grade, and scores in the mid80s will typically due with kaplan.

The series 7 licensing exam has changed since this video was recorded. Series 7 is for entrylevel, registered representatives. I passed my series 7 yesterday and i thought it would be helpful to share. When it comes to the sie vs series 7 the verdict is not too different. Do you recommend passperfect or stc for the series 7. The series 7 examination and why you need to pass it. The series 7 exam, or the general securities representative. Securities licensing exam prep securities training. My company is currently providing us with stc materials.

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