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Summarized stratigraphy of the benue trough and anambra basin after. Evidence from field relationship and sedimentological study adeigbe, o. The stratigraphic successions in the bida basin and their relationship to those in the anambra basin is shown in figure 4 while figure 5. Kinematics of faults and joints at enugu area of the anambra basin d. Assessment of the suitability of some sites for aquaculture. Anambra basin is one of the energyrich inland sedimentary basins in nigeria. Pdf geotechnical and geochemical assessments of shales in. Ekweozor and gormly 1983 described the nkporo shale as an example of a marine source rock composed of. Stratigraphic section of the anambra basin from the. Structural controls on the evolution of the kutai basin, east. Quantitative analysis of vitrinite reflectance data from the anambra basin, nigeria, has revealed for the first time tectonism and unconformities corresponding to the campanianmaastrichtian and paleoceneeocene boundaries. Paleoecology of enugu and mamu formations in anambra basin. The study area is part of anambra basin, south eastern nigeria. Biostratigraphy and paleoenvironment of the coniacian awgu.

Geology and natural gas potential of deep sedimentary basins. Anambra basin, geology, depositional environment, mamu formation. Enugu shale in anambra basin, south eastern, nigeria anozie h. Stratigraphy, paleogeography and hydrocarbon resource potentials of the bida basin in northcentral nigeria article pdf available in journal of mining and geology 472. Eocene lithic fills in the anambra basin and afikpo syncline is divisible into three main transgressiveregressive cycles reyment, 1965. Geographically, it is situated between longitude 7000e 7030e and latitude 6000n 6030n. What links here related changes upload file special pages permanent link. Subsurface evaluation of source rock and hydrocarbon potential of the anambra basin, south eastern nigeria. Accepted 23 august, 2010 structural analysis of joints and fault data obtained from exposures of the enugu and mamu formations. High altitude values are recorded in the southern basin and these values decrease gradually toward the northern basin. The benue trough was formed by rifting of the central west african basement, beginning at the start of the cretaceous period.

A total of 22 occurrences have been reported across nigeria challenges facing solid mineral development in nigeria low metal prices depleted alluvial reserves of tin and columbite. Anambra basin has about 6,000 m of sedimentary rocks. Ladtpo department of geology and mlnera sciences university of llorln p. The anambra basin is situated west of the lower benue trough and is often considered youngest formation of the benue trough. Geology and mineral resources of nigeria nuhu george obaje. The main oil source formations of the anambra basin, southeastern nigeria. Paleogeography, sedimentation and tectonics of the upper. The anambra basin in the west of the lower region is more recent than the rest of the trough, being formed during a later period of compression, but is considered part of the formation. Depositional environments, organic richness, and petroleum. These successions were invaded by intrusives, volcanic rocks, and veintype leadzinc minerals, especially in the albiancenomanian section of the abakaliki anticline. Basinwide stratigraphic correlation across the anambra basin using base of the mamu formation as a datum. Structural interpretation of part of anambra basin nigeria. Integration of electrical resistivity and induced polarization for subsurface imaging around ihe pond, nsukka, anambra basin, nigeria.

Part 1 discusses the geology of the crystalline rocks and their regional distribution while the sedimentary basins constitute the subject of part 2. Pdf journal of geology and mining research crustal. Sedimentological attributes and stratigraphic of nanka formation, anambra basin,nigeria acra 2e. Department of geology, ekiti state university, ado ekiti nigeria olaburaimo a. The sequence stratigraphic analysis of alo and igbariam wells in anambra basin was carried out to define the depositional systems in the study area. This analysis also afforded definite subsurface evidence for the cenomanian as well as the santonian deformations. I4, ikporukpo betty t j 5 and david inyang6 1,2 department of geology, university of port harcourt, port harcourt, nigeria. Pdf sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy of the nkporo. Olatunji palystrat limited, ibadan nigeria madukwe, henry y department of geology, ekiti. The geology of the lower benue trough has been documented through the tectonosedimentary studies of murat 1972, nwachukwu 1972, olade 1975 and agagu and adighije 1983 and for the anambra basin by agagu et al. Ditch cutting samples from an exploratory nzam1 well located in the northwestern part of anambra basin were subjected to lithological. Jul 09, 2009 contains details on the geological units of nigeria and the associated mineral resources. The sedimentary rocks comprise ancient cretaceous deltas, somewhat similar to the niger delta, with the nkporo shale, the mamu formation, the ajali sandstone and the nsukka formation as the main deposits.

Basin size, areal extent of portion of basin below 4. These are the first basin wide maps of this type to be produced. Pdf geology and depositional environment of campano. It extends northwestward into the niger valley, northward to the jos massif and northeastward into lafia. The main oil source formations of the anambra basin. Synthetic aperture radar data were used to interpret. This paper presents the results of the structural interpretation over part of anambra basin carried out using aeromagnetic and landsatetm data. The dataset used for the study are 2002 landsat image, 2007. Palynological and sequence stratigraphy characterization of the earlylate campanian nkporo shale, orekpekpeimiegba area, anambra basin, nigeria adebayo olajide f. Controversy surrounding the stratigraphy of the anambra basin, depositional. Anambra basin is one of the basins in nigeria, habouring the largest deposit of subbituminous coal and lignite. Pdf the study area lies within the anambra basin and it is made up of enugu shale, mamu formation, ajali sandstone, and nsukka formation. The basin is bounded to the south by the niger delta basin hinge line. Provenance studies and sedimentology of ogwashiasaba formation, anambra basin, nigeria acra 1e.

It underlies the whole of anambra state and parts of abia, enugu, imo, delta, edo and kogi states. Geotechnical and geochemical assessments of shales in anambra basin, southeastern nigeria, as landfill liners article pdf available november 2017 with 269 reads how we measure reads. Sedimentary succes sions in these basins are of middle mesozoic to recent age. Assessment of undiscovered petroleum in the tertiary niger delta akataagbada petroleum system no.

Department of geology, anambra state university, uli, nigeria. The anambra basin is situated at the southwestern extremity of the benue trough. Oil seepages have also been reported from parts of the basin. This study aimed at determining the geology and depositional.

Kinematics of faults and joints at enugu area of the anambra. The study area lies within the anambra basin and it is made up of enugu shale, mamu formation, ajali sandstone, and nsukka formation. Department of geology, anambra state university, uli, anambra state, nigeria author for correspondence abstract source rock thermal maturation of campanian enugu shale in anambra basin, southeastern nigeria was assessed by rockeval pyrolysis. The nkporo shale documents the transgressive event that followed the. Nigeria is underlain by seven major sedimenta ry basins, viz. Pdf the study area lies within the anambra basin and it is made up of enugu shale, mamu formation, ajali sandstone, and nsukka. Diagenetic study of sandstone sediments in parts of anambra. Agagu and ekweozor 1982 reported that the awgu and nkporo shales constitute the main source and seal rocks in the anambra basin. Geophysical, borehole and mapped data from the kalahari basin were used to create maps of the subkalahari geology, isopachs of the kalahari group and basal gravels and a subkalahari topographical surface. This study aimed at determining the geology and depositional environmental of these formations through field relationship and grain size distribution morphologic studies. The iullemeden aquifer system is multilayered including a cretaceous continental intercalary sedimentary aquifer at the bottom, overlain by three layers of tertiary continental terminal formations. Geological map of southeastern nigeria showing the study area, relevant boreholeoutcrop. Onitsha was selected for this study being strategically located and drained by several rivers including the river niger.

These cycles correspond to major marine incursions in the late campanian, paleocene and eocene, representing second order depositional sequences murat, 1972. Biostratigraphy and paleoenvironment of the coniacian awgu formation in nzam1 well, anambra basin, southeastern nigeria. The sequence includes lower maastrichtian subbituminous coals in the anambra basin. The northern part of the anambra domain is connected with the nwse trending bida basin. Journal of geology and mining research crustal structure of southern benue trough, nigeria from 3d inversion of gravity data article pdf available november 2019 with 114 reads how we measure.

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